Your Desktop Production Center

At Joseph Electronics, we understand that your engineers often need technical information at a moment’s notice. That’s why we built Belden by Joseph, a comprehensive online information resource for the broadcaster. Belden by Joseph is loaded with valuable information and full technical data to help your engineers make the best decision. It’s just one more way that we make our business convenient for our clients.


AES/EBU Digital Audio Cables

AES/EBU Digital Multi-Pair Snake Cables

Analog Audio Cables

Analog Snake Cables

Control/AMX Cables

DT 12 Cables

ENG, EFP, Composite Camera Cables

High-Flex SVHS Cables

Home Automation Cables

Microphone & Musical Instrument Cables
  Mini Coax RGB Cables

Networking Cables

Precision Digital Coaxial Cables

RF Cables

RGB Cables

SMPTE 311 Composite Super Flex HD Camera Cables

Speaker Cables

Video Triaxial Cables

Video Snake Cables 

Digtal Video Distance Chart (Includes 12GIG)

AES Distance Chart

Digital Video Distance at 12GIG