10 Point Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan


Since our inception over 60 years ago, Joseph Electronics has prided itself in building and delivering the highest quality products and all around service to all our customers in the broadcast and electronic services industries.  To further strengthen this philosophy, we have adopted a new 10 point Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan listed below:

  1. The Quality Managers function is supported by all heads of management and takes a leadership role in promoting an error free process and guides the company in anticipating and meeting the customer needs while providing immediate access to communicate issues directly.
  2. The Quality Manager establishes detailed goals, tactics, methods, and tools to achieve total customer satisfaction and continually measures goals and performance against anticipated customer requirements.
  3. Implement a well defined quality measurement system in all areas of the process to drive toward an error free performance in everything we do using innovative metrics designed to assure total customer satisfaction measured and evaluated in a timely manner.
  4. Customer satisfaction feedback and benchmark data are continuously validated and updated toward this goal so that quality levels become competitive weapons.
  5. Quality policies and procedure manuals are sole defining disciplines clearly resulting in total customer satisfaction and the importance of policy compliance is constantly communicated by management to all employees, vendors and clients.
  6. Implementation of a prevention program to provide relevant data in sufficient quantity and speed to achieve and maintain zero defects and drive more robust product designs,  improved processes with highly structured corrective action, root case focused procedures, and clear evidence of ownership for such action.
  7. Management will provide proactive leadership empowering all employees to improve process and customer satisfaction levels by active involvement in quality improvement teams resulting in zero defect performance.
  8. Initiate an ongoing quality training plan driven by strategic objectives and individual development needs aligned with customer satisfaction requirements and expectations.
  9. Management will provide proactive leadership of employee’s participation for continuous improvement and select, accept, and reward feedback in all areas of the business and document those successes while acknowledging the respective contributors.
  10. All management’s future requirements and actions exclusively devoted to lead the entire organization in producing optimum world class quality products, processes, services and administrative systems with the goal to be the best in the industry.