Portable Fiber Optic Signal Acquisition For ENG, SNG, and Other OB Applications



The new Tote Caddie series from Joseph Electronics offers a better option for fast, operator deployed point-to-point signal transport. Built using rugged Pelican cases, it is a compact, functional, and weather-resistant fiber solution for news and field crews working in harsh environments.



The Totes Caddies are designed with customization in mind. There are more than twelve modules available that can be mixed and matched to provide the exact signal count you need.

Power is provided by local AC mains or with an Anton-Bauer battery while an internal, filtered fan ensures that everything stays cool regardless of the weather outside. The Cover can be closed after making connections to reduce exposure to elements. An optional field shroud is available to further reduce weather exposure. Ethernet connectors are provided with an IP64 cover to further ensure protected from the elements when not in use.

The Tote Caddies have intercom  options that will make communications a breeze. The 2-wire intercom modules work with RTS/Clearcom beltpacks and also provide 30 VDC power. By switching intercom power off, Caddies can also be directly interfaced into an intercom system. The Truck side Caddie can be also be outfitted with 4-wire intercom modules to further simplify PL interfacing.

Fiber interconnect options include MX mini, OpticalCon Quad (pictured), Lemo, and ST connectors. If MX or QUAD connectors are selected, the two unutilized fibers can be brought out to the front panel to handle even more signal transport modules or they can serve as a loop-thru to another, daisy-chained, Tote Caddie system.

Trust Joseph Electronics for solutions that make remote broadcasting easier. And call us so that we can help to configure a caddie for you!                                 

• SDI, up to 3Gbs
• Supports SMPTE standard
- 424M -259M
- 292M -310M
• Eq’s and re-clocks
• Analog audio
• Intercom
• Ethernet
• Fibers via
- MX Mini or OpticalCon Quad or Lemo or ST
• Multimode/Singlemode
• Rugged design
• Weather resistant
• Integrated fan
• AC Mains or Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery
• Can be custom-configured to your EXACT requirement
• Five year warranty Portable Fiber Optic Signal Acquisition For ENG, SNG, and Other OB Applications

• Remotely controlled cameras such as goal cams
• Surveillance/Homeland security
• Distance learning
• Houses of Worship
• Surgical video
• Specialty cameras


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