They take support seriously. Not just the customer service, but if they don’t know the answer to your question, they will run back into the shop and grab somebody and get them on the phone. Or they’ll return your call immediately.

I think they’re a great group of guys that help the smaller guys. It’s not all about the big accounts. That goes a long way for me. They’re always available to help out, and very resourceful.

Joseph Electronics’ ability to make something complex as simple as possible: they’ve always been the best. I give them a 10 on that. They’re really good.

I have a loyalty to Joseph Electronics because they make my life a lot easier, and I love the personal relationship.

Calling Joseph Electronics feels like calling an old friend.

Joseph Electronics aims for the highest client service standard in the industry. Every client can expect the same outstanding support experience, including:

  • Custom Cable & Assembly Lengths

    Made to Order
  • Flexible Return

  • Instant Technical & Sales Support

    MON-FRI 8am-7pm CT


We treat our clients as partners supplying quality products, services and custom solutions to the Broadcast & A/V industries. We’re experts in the field, working quickly and closely with our customers to make their projects work.