About us

Since our inception over 75 years ago, Joseph Electronics has prided itself on delivering the highest quality and best value to our customers. This philosophy has helped us grow into an industry leader, distributing a wide range of superior quality products, service, and value to the broadcast and electronics service industry throughout the United States. Our new Fiber Solutions brand, JFS, excels in servicing the nation’s burgeoning Broadcast marketplace. As our many satisfied customers have come to know, Joseph Electronics offers not only products and services on which you can depend, but also a convenient, cost-effective partnership that will help your business succeed. But, if you have already done business with us, you already know this. If not, we would welcome the opportunity to add your company’s name to the growing list of more than 2500 satisfied broadcast clients.

As the most experienced Broadcast distributor in the nation, Joseph Electronics distributes over 100 different product lines. We offer the best-in-class products in every category, giving our clients the option to exceed expectations at every turn. Moreover, we distribute support material for new installations and rebuilds, and offer our superior technical expertise to assist you with every purchase.


Joseph Electronics is a family of professionals dedicated to distributing superior quality products, service, and value to the broadcast and electronics service industry. We have built our reputation for excellence, expertise, and expediency over 75 years of dedication to innovative technology and superior service. Our sales and service specialists provide an unmatched level of customer care and dedication to your complete satisfaction. Let our professionals provide you with the state-of-the-art products you need and the attentive service you deserve.

Our Clients, Our Partners

We encourage our customers to think of Joseph Electronics as more than just a supplier. We want to be your partner in success. With over seven decades of experience in the business, we have the knowledge and the tools to set you up with cutting edge equipment and keep you running at optimum level. We have everything you need to set up advanced broadcast facilities such as mobile director’s studios and state-of-the-art Broadcast trucks. We serve clients nationally across the entire audio and video broadcast spectrum.