Connecting Venues Over Distances

At Joseph Electronics, we recognize that fiber brings truly extraordinary capabilities to the transmission of the HDTV signal and that its use is mandatory to provide the versatility of bandwidth to deliver all of the data inherent in the HDTV signal. We follow these principles:

  • Access to multiple manufacturer solutions distributed by Joseph Electronics, enabling us to match your needs with the “Best-in-Class” products available today.
  • An extensive commitment to the training of our staff and upgrading of our facilities – establishing the premier fiber termination and repair shop in the USA with factory certifications for both LEMO Assembler of SMPTE Assemblies and Neutrik opticalCON Assemblies (COCA).
  • A 24/7/365 commitment to Customer Service, the type of which you will not find anywhere else in this industry!

Experience is not the only thing offered by Joseph Electronics. We are the only solution that offers products from every head end manufacturer, and pride ourselves on our ability to pick the best possible solution for our client’s specific need and budget. We provide complete system drawings of any custom system we design and we build every system from the ground up to address the unique nature of our client’s requirements.