DFT-JR Series

The new DFT-JR Series from Joseph Electronics provides for up to 16 channels of pristine uncompressed 3G/HD/SDI video on one or two singlemode fibers (depending on configuration). Featuring a compact 1RU fanless enclosure with redundant power supplies, up to eight two-channel modules can be fitted to handle signal counts from 4 to 16. The direction of each 2-channel module can be easily changed in the field to take care of last minute changes.

Transmit modules are red and receive modules are blue. Red modules (TX) are slot specific and clearly labeled. Blue modules (RX) are generic and can go in any slot. The modules support SMPTE 424, SMPTE 292, SMPTE 259, SMPTE 297 and DVB-ASI. Modules can also operate in non-reclocking mode to handle any signal from 50Mb/s all the way up to 3Gb/s.

A Joseph’s exclusive is the Bypass Channel. This innovative feature allows you to add more analog video, audio, or RS data transport. On two fiber versions, you can add Gigabit Ethernet.

Units can be custom configured with I/O connections on the front or rear of the enclosure. LEDs show signal presence.

The DFT-JR Series is ideal for trunking HD video signals. Whether for truck-to-truck interconnects, video feeds for event announce booths, or any HD video distribution, the DFT-JR Series leverages the dramatic weight savings and high bandwidth of fiber to deliver pristine video signals over far greater distances than copper.

Trust Joseph Electronics for your signal transport and any other broadcast hardware needs.

The ability to reconfigure your video feeds on-the-go has gone from being a convenience to being an absolute necessity. With nothing more than a basic screwdriver, users can quickly and easily make the last minute changes the inevitably come up on remote broadcasts.

Fanless operation ensures that the DFT-JR Series is capable in a quiet studio environment as well as out in the field.

Custom features such as the placement of the fiber connectors, optical redundancy, 1 or 2 fiber operation, and the By-Pass channel, ensure that customers get exactly what they need rather than pay for features that they don’t want or will never use.

DFT-JR. Moving HD video has NEVER been easier.



  • Convenient 2-Channel modules support:
    -SMPTE 424
    -SMPTE 292
    -SMPTE 259
    -SMPTE 297
  • Up to 16 channels in 1RU
  • Simple, Intuitive Operation
  • Field Reconfigurable
  • Fanless operation
  • Dual power supplies
  • 1 or 2 Singlemode Fiber versions available
  • Optical Redundancy (optional)
  • Bypass Channel


  • Truck Interconnects
  • Studio to Control Room Links
  • Announce Booths
  • Cross Campus Links
  • Distance Learning
  • Tele-Medicine