Joseph Electronics can produce almost any type of custom panel for you. Whether its Your Layout, Your Drawing or You tell us your need, we’ll do the layout and drawing, Joseph Electronics can populate the entire panel per your specification or ship it to you empty. Contact a Joseph sales representative for more details.


Our Joseph Value Added department also offers an extensive cable assembly repair service regardless of manufacturer that delivers greater value to our customers in the form of extended cable life and cost-savings. JVA offers a wide range of diagnostic services including FREE evaluation and testing, as well as connector replacements and much more!

  • Factory Trained and Certified Technicians
  • FREE Cable Evaluations
  • Complete Repair Services


Are you still using copper cable assemblies? Our In-House Joseph Value Added (JVA) department can design, build, test, package and deliver products of the highest quality and workmanship on time, every time, at highly competitive prices. Whether it is something as common as a microphone cable with XLR connectors, or as complex as a full custom cable system, cut to length, color-coded and terminated, all to your specifications.

Our certified technicians can create any of the following custom cable assemblies utilizing the finest components from Belden, Canare, Kings, Neutrik, Switchcraft and others.

  • Video Triaxial Cable Assemblies
  • DT12 Audio Snake assemblies
  • Audio/Video Patch Cords
  • Audio/Video Snake cables
  • Multi-Pin Camera Cable Assemblies
  • BNC Cable Assemblies
  • XLR Cable Assemblies
  • RF Cable Assemblies


Do you want to keep your fiber and copper cables neatly stored when not in use? Are you looking for quick deployment of your cable without tangles and twisting? Then Joseph Electronics has your solution.

With a variety of options offered (i.e. divider disks, punched disks, motorized reels, etc.), Joseph’s will make custom reels to your specifications with high quality reels from Canare, Schill and Hannay for uses such as:

  • Production & Recording Facilities
  • Television & Radio Stations
  • Live Events & Concerts
  • Mobile Broadcast Units
  • Satellite & Cable Companies