Kick Box Series

Joseph Electronics introduces their new Kick Box series of tough, throw-down fiber breakout boxes. Designed with OB/remote broadcasting in mind, the Kick Boxes are configured with the connectors of your choice* to provide easy access to single fibers from multi-fiber connectors, act as junction boxes, or even provide the ability to start an opticalCON Quad and then continue on with two opticalCON Duo’s.

Users will quickly come to rely on the Kick Box whenever tricky cabling challenges arise. Their small size means they won’t take up a lot of room and, unlike whips, will survive the rigors of remote broadcasting.

Configurations Available:

  • opticalCON DUO – opticalCON DUO with 2 x 4-pin XLR-M or powerCON
  • Lemo (M) to ST’s + 4-pin XLR-M or powerCON
  • Lemo (F) to ST’s + 4-pin XLR-M or powerCON
  • opticalCON QUAD – to 2 x opticalCON DUO
  • opticalCON QUAD – 4ST



  • Throw-Down convenience
  • Many connectors supported
  • Tough enclosure
  • Facilitates flexible cable topographies


  • Outside Broadcast (OB)
  • Studios