Booth Caddie Series

The Booth Caddie from Joseph Electronics offers a better option for fast, point-to-point signal transport. Specifically tailored for use in broadcast announce booths, the active gear is built into a rugged CP case with a shock mounted interior cage that can be completely removed while the truck end can be rack mounted for permanent installation. Booth Caddies create a compact and comprehensive solution for sports or other announce positions.

Booth Caddies are designed to be customized, with more than twelve modules available that can be mixed and matched to provide the exact signal count required. They are field-reconfigurable, as well.

Along with an array of analog and HD video, sync, data, Ethernet, and digital and analog audio signal options, it’s the intercom options that make the Booth Caddie shine. The 2-wire intercom modules make RTS and Clearcom beltpacks plug-and-play by providing the +28 VDC power. By switching intercom power off, the Booth Caddies can also be directly interfaced into an intercom system. The Truck-side Booth Caddie can also be outfitted with 4-wire intercom modules to further simplify PL interfacing. The Booth Caddie will power your announcer boxes (with integrated IFB and talkback), too.

Several fiber connector types are available, including MX mini, OpticalCon, Lemo, and ST while uninterrupted performance is assured with the optional UPS for power back up (45 minutes) and an option for fiber redundancy.


  • 8 Bi directional 3G video (directions set in the field)
  • 1 Path 1G/100/10 Network
  • 16 Mic Line Audio booth to truck
  • 10 Line /5 IFB Channels truck to booth
  • 2 line level SA feeds truck to booth
  • 2 line level PA feeds booth to truck
  • 2 line level AUX feeds truck to booth
  • 2 line level AUX feeds booth to truck
  • 6 line level talkback feeds booth to truck
  • 3 PL’s 2 Channels each
  • 2 fibers via ST, OpticalCon Quad, Lemo, MX connectors
  • Singlemode
  • Rugged design
  • Large or small AV packages can be custom configured to your EXACT requirement
  • Optional payload
  • Two year warranty


  • Remote production
  • Broadcast announce booth
  • Special events
  • Available also as
    – Truck side rack mount
    – Booth side in a case
  • 50/50 split options available