Fiber Interface Series

The Fiber Interface (FI) Series is a modular system created to provide maximum flexibility. It accepts a wide range of ABS Plates giving you ultimate flexibility. You can utilize it to break standard SMPTE Hybrid cable assemblies down into discrete optical and electrical components. This allows users to utilize standard single mode distribution fiber and electrical cable for internal wiring to reduce cost. Additionally, connectors are industry standard ST, SC or LC and AMP type, resulting in a time efficient and cost effective installation and maintenance environment. Since the FI Series is modular and extremely flexible, you can also put an OpticalCON Bulkhead on the back when utilized with OCON SMPTE Patching Systems. No more expensive and time consuming hybrid connections inside the system gives the user more flexibility when planning a distribution or multiple points patching system. Internal jumpers are individually replaceable, while the chassis are made out of rugged powder coated steel.

The FI Series accepts any ABS plate, which are also utilized in our environmental panels, custom interface boxes and I/O Panels. ABS Plates comes in the following configurations (to list but a few):

Male LEMO • Female LEMO • TRIAX • DT12 • Power Receptacle • 2 x D-Mount • OpticalCON DUO • OpticalCON QUAD • EtherCON • PowerCON • HDMI • USB • SMPTE Breakout (ST and Molex) • 6 x ST • 4 x ST • POV Interface (2 x ST and EtherCON) – 6 x LC • 4 x LC • 6 x SC • 4 x SC • MX-4 Expanded Beam • Delphi/AFSI Tac-4 or 12