Shadow Box Series

Need more signals but can’t run more cable? The new Shadow Box system from Joseph Electronics is the answer! These small boxes get installed between a SMPTE Hybrid-equipped camera and its CCU to provide a full complement of broadcast signals without the need to run additional cables

The CCU side box is placed near the truck/camera CCU to provide access to the additional audio, video, and intercom signals and patched directly to the CCU with a hybrid jumper. Another SMPTE hybrid cable then connects to a similar box near the camera. A short jumper then extends on to the camera.

By borrowing a bit of power from the hybrid cable and then optically multiplexing the additional signals onto 2 fibers in the hybrid cables, users are able to get those extra signals without the need to run additional cables. The system is modular, giving customers the ability to build and reconfigure a solution that bests suits their unique needs.

Perfect for stand-ups in places with no access for more cables or not suitable for wireless, Shadow Box provides the extra signals you need on the cable that’s already there.



  • Small, portable packaging
  • Rugged design
  • Choose the signal count that’s best for you
  • SD/HD/3G & Analog Audio
  • 4-wire or powered 2-wire comms
  • Analog audio with gains
  • Three powering options: From hybrid camera cable, Local Mains or Battery
  • Power passes through the Shadow Box and onto the Camera
  • 5-year warranty


  • Studios
  • Outside Broadcast (OB)
  • Sport Venues / Arenas
  • ENG / SNG