Fly Cam System

A 2RU Fiber Solution That Can Be Configured For Your Exact Requirement!

Joseph Electronics created an integrated, single-fiber data-transmission solution for high-speed, aerial-camera maker FlyCam™ USA. With JE’s custom solution, FlyCam™ USA can send data and HD video back and forth on a single fiber, leaving the system’s second fiber available as a backup.

JFS designed a system that can send bidirectional data and HD video over just one fiber, ensuring there is always an unused fiber on standby. The three-box solution includes a small, lightweight I/O interface box flying with the camera, a box on the ground, and a box at the truck compound for the operator. Signals from the FlyCam to the ground include an HD send, genlock return, 2 bi-directional RS data paths, and an Ethernet port. Signals from the ground to the truck compound add intercom and return video with a switch to allow full operation from the ground for troubleshooting purposes independent of the truck compound, a key feature when the TV compound can be a significant distance away. Also, a 1310nm “bypass” channel allows additional signals to be added in the future without a significant cost impact.



  • Modular 3 point design
  • Camera POV unit, central robotics, truck I/O interface.
  • Supports HD Video:
    – 3GHD,HD-SDI, SDI
    – RS422 Data
    – RS232 Data
    – Genlock
    – Intercom
    – Ethernet
    – other options available
  • Simple, Intuitive Operation
  • 1 or 2 Singlemode Fiber Versions available
  • Optical Redundancy (optional)
  • Optional bi-directional bypass channel available between units


  • Truck Interconnects
  • Studio to MCR Links
  • Announce Booths
  • Cross Campus Links
  • Distance Learning