The Waveshifter-8 can transport up to eight HD camera systems on just one single-mode fiber. This system uses optical wavelength-shifting technology to map the two fibers in standard HD cameras to wavelengths in the CDWM spectrum so that they can then be introduced into a CWDM mux.

Waveshifter-8 features a sturdy 1 RU metal chassis with external dual DC power as standard. Other applications include muxing eight wideband optical signals from other single-mode fiber devices, such as traditional throwdowns or audio/MADI devices.

By integrating the Waveshifter-8 with eight Bluebell Opticom ShaxX-Lite power insertion units, this setup then becomes a complete system for directly powering eight remote cameras in a single location over 1 fiber connection.



  • Ruggedized 1RU enclosure
  • Supports 1270-1610 nm standard inputs
  • Wide data range 3G STD 10G/12G Optional
  • Input level status LED’s
  • Standard ST connectors (SC or LC also available)
  • External redundant power supplies wide range 85-240VAC 50-60HZ